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Fall in in air!!

We hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather and has plans for a great week of Fall Break!

Things are busy busy as always and once again we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all you have done to make it a great first 9 weeks.

Progress Reports!

Related service providers need to have their progress reported in EasyIEP by October 22nd and case managers should have their information updated and progress reports finalized and printed to go home on October 27th.

Aimsweb Information

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More TNReady Information!!

Practice Tests Available on MIST

MIST is the platform where students will take the TNReady math and ELA assessments as well as the social studies/U.S. history assessments. Practice tests for math, ELA, and social studies/U.S. history are available on MIST as of Monday, Sept. 28, when the first practice window opened.

As a reminder, earlier this month, the revised social studies practice tests for each grade and subject were posted as PDFs on the department website (here) under "Practice Resources & Training."

Guidance Regarding the No-Calculator Portion of TNReady

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As announced during the regional assessment meetings last week, tomorrow we will post instructional guidance for teachers regarding the no-calculator portion of the TNReady assessment on our website (here). You can preview the document that will be posted (here).

If you have any questions, please email us at TNReady.Questions@tn.gov.

IMPORTANT EasyIEP Information

· The TN Alternate Assessment page will no longer print on the IEP document, if the student has completed all of the TN Alternate Assessments. This will be active sometime this week.

· TCAP Social Studies Accommodations have been added to the Accommodations page.

· EOC test scores for high school students are no longer required on the Accommodations page.

· Accommodations page will reset once an IEP or IEP Addendum is finalized. To ensure accessibility features for the TCAP TNReady Assessments have been reviewed, the Accommodations page will reset upon the creation of the Final IEP or Final IEP Addendum. This was a request by the Assessments Team to make sure the Accommodations for the TNReady Assessments were reviewed at each IEP Team meeting. Always create a Draft IEP/Addendum first and make corrections prior to creating the Final IEP/Addendum.

Creating IEP and Addendum documents within 15 days of original document

· IEP or IEP Addendums can be replaced within 15 days of the original creation date.

· Some IEP Teams are skipping this section and creating a duplicate IEP document.

· Does this section on the Create Final document page need to be changed or revised?

· We will accept suggestions from Directors to identify improvements to make this section recognizable.

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Reminder for K-2 Resource Teachers

Each elementary school was gifted the Earobics program by our preschool teachers. Please add this program to your toolbox of tricks when providing intervention in Reading. Allison Young will be following up with each school for their input on the program. The department is looking into purchasing the higher set of Earobics to use with 3-5.



Just a reminder, 2nd graders will need a portfolio completed for all 4 subjects (RLA, Math, Science, and Social Studies). 3-8 will need portfolios completed for Science and Social Studies. These portfolios should be completed as they have always been in the past.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email.

Elmore Park Eagles at work!!

Dates to Remember!!

STEP UP for Down Syndrome

Sunday, Oct. 25th, 12-4pm

750 Cherry Road

Memphis, TN

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