Crusader Times

September 2016

Words From Our Principal

Hello Parents,

I am very excited to share with you that our students have been doing a great job this semester. Our students are being successful academically, participating in clubs, playing sports, and performing in our visual and performing arts programs. Our teachers do a great job in keeping our students engaged and making learning fun and relevant. I want to thank all parents for working in collaboration with BVM to help meet the goals of our students. I hope you have a great and safe fall break.

Eduardo Reyes, Ed.D.

Parkview Little League School Assembly

On September 9, 2016, Bonita Vista Middle School celebrated the athletic accomplishment of three of our students: Joshua Bruce, Omar Cordero, and Lucas Marrujo. They were part of the 2016 Parkview Little League who journeyed to the 2016 Little League World Series as Southern California West Regional Champions. Congratulations Crusaders! You made us very proud!

Perfect SBAC Luncheon

On Thursday, September 8, 2016, we celebrated 19 students who earned perfect scores on the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. The students who were recognized where:

Abutin, Evan: English & Math

Acueza, Frances Florence: English

Aguimatang, Maria: English

Boll, Daniel: English & Math

Burnett, Charlotte: English

Busk, Dillan: English

Cobarrubias, Lhani: English

Epley, Sophia: English & Math

Estrada, Victoria: English

Gonzalez, Diana: English & Math

Hahn, Sierra: English

Jaque, Katelin: English

Ling, Priscilla: English

Macario, Micaela: English

Neuner, Ursula: Math

Rivera, Faith: English

Rodriguez, Gabriella: English

Talamantez, Faith: English

Wong, Brayden: English & Math

Way to go Crusaders!

Grandparent's Day

Our Special Ed Moderate class was very excited to celebrate Grandparent’s Day on September 9th by inviting their grandparents and parents for “Grandparents Tea”. The event was a big success. All of our special ed students took the time to interview a grandparent, and put the information in a book to present to their grandparents as a present. In addition, with the help of Mrs. Cruz and our music department, the students practiced and presented a song to play on their recorders for the parents. Event highlights included a photo booth for parent/grandparents/kids, musical presentation, 2 movies made for parents 100% made by the students, and a delightful ensemble of desserts. Smiles, and tears of joy were felt all around. We look forward to next year, to celebrate again.

Student Art Work

Art students painted floral closeups by mixing muted or natural colors. They then added salt to the watercolor backgrounds (negative spaces) for amazing texture.

Staff of the Month

This month we would like to recognize Carla Cardenas! Not only is she a fabulous and passionate science teacher inside the classroom, but she is also someone who makes sure to volunteer and support our students outside of the classroom. Carla works very closely with our PTSA and is always one of the first ones to volunteer for student activities. She truly is a team player and goes out of her way to support our school in more ways than one.Thanks Carla for all that you do for Bonita Vista Middle!

Health Corner

Fuel for School

Lately, I have been seeing many of our students in the nurse’s office with complaints of headache, dizziness and stomach pain. While sometimes these complaints can be signs of a more serious issue, I find that more often than not, these symptoms occur because students are not eating prior to coming to school or during the lunch period. Most of the time, students will say they have no time for breakfast or have forgotten to pack a lunch. Some students do not like to wait in line during lunch so they decide to skip lunch.

A little planning ahead, such as making breakfast or lunch the night before and packing small snacks to keep in the backpack when breakfast is skipped or lunch is forgotten, will help keep students from missing instructional time when visiting the nurse for “hunger lows.” Parents, consider taking your student with you when you do the food shopping to help them find healthy food items for quick breakfasts, lunches and snacks. It’s easier to stick to a healthy eating plan if the foods your student likes to eat are available.

Enjoy your Fall Break.

Christi Stoddard, RN, BSN, PHN

Tel: 619-397-2206


Counselors Corner

Mighty Crusaders! You have made it through the first progress report and many have taken advantage of the interventions to help with your grades. We will be going on break so be sure to rest up so you are ready for the remainder of the semester. Those of you that have fallen behind, check with your teachers and Jupiter Grades for missing assignments that you can complete during the Fall Break. Come see your counselor if you have any questions. Have a great and safe break!

Technology Corner

Occasionally you may experience issues with your iPad. Maybe your internet isn’t working, apps keep crashing, or you are having trouble submitting assignments. Here are a few things to try.

1. Update your iPad- Tap the Settings icon on your home screen. Then tap General. Then tap Software Update. Then tap Download and Install. It is best if you can do this at school, with your IPad plugged in or at least 50% battery power

2. Hard reset- Hold down the power button and the home button at the same time for a few seconds until your iPad turns off. Wait a few minutes and then turn it on again. You should see a black screen with a white apple on it. In a few minutes it will show the normal home screen.

3. Wi-Fi problems at home

If you have an app called SUHSD Login open it and login:
· If you have the app, open it and login:
Username: iboss
Password: suhsd1

· If you do not have the SUHSD Login app, find the app called LANrev Apps. Open it and tap Profiles, then tap Install. You should now have the SUHSD Login app on your iPad. Open it and login:
Username: iboss
Password: suhsd1

If nothing works and you are still having issues ask you Advisory teacher for a pass to the Genius Bar they can help you out.

Important Dates

09/19-10/03 - Fall Break

10/04 - Students Return To School

10/08 - Saturday Scholars for English 7/8 and Math 7/8

10/10 - School Culture and Climate Meeting

10/15 - Saturday Scholars for English 7/8 and Math 7/8

10/19 - English Language Advisory Committee Meeting and Coffee with the Principal

10/20 - Great California Shakeout

10/22 - Saturday Scholars for English 7/8 and Math 7/8 and SCREAM Choir Performance

10/25 - Middle School Success 101 Meeting

10/27 - School Site Council Meeting and Halloween Dance

10/29 - Saturday Scholars for English 7/8 and Math 7/8