Norwegian culture

By Leo stout P2


* The Norweigan economy began to rocket downward around the turn of the 19'th century

* Over a third of the people of Norway predicted a collapse and packed their bags, migrating to the United States and Canada.

* they found that we were not near as crowded and had a much better schooling system.

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Where did they settle down?

*many were from suburban towns

*most initially moved to suburbs around dallas, but spread throughout texas

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important people

*Erik the red

*Edvard Munch

*Henrik Ibsen

Cultural Influence

*French fries became a popular side among their dishes

*They took a liking to red meat, as there were hardly initial cows in norway

Country of origin and push factors

*Norway was initial country

* Bad economy



*Mainly fish (since there were lots of rivers and lakes

* Ratfisk (pickeled trout)

* Julekake (sugary dessert bread)

*Fiskesuppe (fish soup)

Cultural influence

*many were very good at agriculture, lots were better than us at it

*some made a pretty good living off of this fact

*vert similar to the Indians when we first immigrated

Are we better off because of them?

*they helped us with agriculture

*they influenced our cuisine, and vice versa

*its always good to know a little about different cultures

*they're immigration helped our country grow


(All photos come from macinvia and wikimedia)

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