The Giver

By: Lois Lowry

Book Summary

This book is about a young 12 year old boy who is like everyone else and his name is Jonas. Jonas lives in a community where nothing is different but not to same. Once Jonas had reach the age of 12 he had got a job but,Jonas had received a job unlike any other, he had been chosen to be the new receiver of memories. This boy Jonas soon learns all the things about the past and wants to bring them back. As Jonas tries to accomplish his mission with the help from an old man, he meats many obstacles along the way.

Main Character- Jonas

The main character is Jonas, he is a boy who has 2 friends Asher and Fiona. Jonas is a very special boy, unlike anyone else in the community Jonas has bright colored eyes and everyone else has dark colored eyes. As Jonas trains to be the new receiver, he trains with someone named the Giver .As Jonas trains more with the Giver the more he learns about the past of the community. Once Jonas has trained a year with the Giver, he tries to complete a mission that seems almost impossible.

Other Important Characters

The worst part about holding memories is not the pain, it's the loneliness of it, memories need to be shared

Teacher Like Questions

  1. Will the community still need a receiver of memory?
  2. Will Jonas ever return to the community?
  3. Will the children in the community meat their real parents?


I would rate this book 3 stars, because I liked how Jonas took Gabe with him on his journey to become the new receiver and to free the memories and I didn't like how the both of them went to elsewhere and we don't know where that is.