Edible Car

Math Project

Material List

-Rice Krispy cereal


-Pretzel rods

-Cookie icing

-Marshmallow fluff

-Fruit roll ups



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Engineering Design Process!

1) Ask

2) Imagine

3) Plan

4) Create

5) Improve

Challanges and how I over came them.

1) I could not find fondant in the grocery store so I used fruit roll ups instead.

2) The axle kept snapping so I needed to make a new one each time. I made some in advance so I could fix it quickly.

3) The bumper was falling off of the car so I used melted chocolate to glue it back together.

4) when I mounted the axle on the car, I heated up a knife and cut slots in the rice crispy body. I used hollowed out cookies for the bearings and glued them on with melted chocolate.

5) I needed a ramp. From the beginning of the board, I measured 14 inches to the starting line, and then 36 inches to the finish line, I used a gallon paint can as a base for the incline.

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