PLC This Week

This is a new tool, SMORE

A new way to communicate - Smore

I will use this week's PLC Agenda to demonstrate


Wednesday, March 5th, 8:30pm

PLC Room

I can use Check Point data to evaluate student learning

I can evaluate I can use common assessment data to increase student learning.

I can understand and use Quintile data to prepare for STAAR review.

I can the newly created common assessment for rigor and plan instructional strategies to meet this rigor.

I can plan the next unit of study using the End in Mind model.

• Check Point Data

• Common Assessment Data

• Unit Test Review

• Start Planning The Last Common Assessment of the Year

Google Doc for Colaboration

This is for you to copy and use. Once you download this, you can create a unit and share it with your team. This allows you to work on the same document from different locations.
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