Classical Conversations NE Philly

WEEK 10 Announcements

Agenda for November 12th Community Day

Special Announcements:

  • There will be kitchen renovations taking place this week at Seven Mile Road Church, so remember to pack a lunch that does not need refrigeration.
  • Remember to bring your tin whistles and black music folders as we continue our music studies during our fine arts segment.
  • Miss Chenwen will be tutoring in the Journeyman class while Miss Shabila is traveling for some CC training.

  • All are welcome to join in prayer for our community in the Journeyman classroom (following the tutor meeting at 8:50).
  • Any others are asked to settle and fellowship downstairs (reminding children that there is no running anywhere in the building).

  • Bible Memory Work- through Exodus 20:6
  • The Ranalli family opens official assembly with prayer, pledges, and a family presentation
  • Announcements
  • Remain in Assembly for introduction to this weeks Fine Arts segment


9:30 Tin Whistle New Grammar with Miss Melissa

~9:45 Continue Tin Whistle Practice in Groups

  • Abecedarians and Apprentices remain in Assembly Room with Miss Angela
  • Journeyman and Masters go to the piano room (Essentials classroom) upstairs with Miss Miriam

The program is designed for parents to attend class with their student/s as we learn alongside each other. As some parents also tutor and/or have children in multiple classes, a classroom parent is assigned on a rotating basis to ensure that there is at least one other support person with the tutor in each classroom at all times.
  • Abecedarians- Brown
  • Apprentices- Chung
  • Jouneyman- Poinson
  • Masters- Crippen

STUDENT PRESENTATIONS (the following recommendation is a shift from the schedule in the community guide to coordinate the international show and tell with international day next week...but, as always, you are free to choose)

  • Skill Focus: Memorization: practice knowing what you want to say without reading it
  • Topic Suggestions: Share a recitation with the class, such a favorite piece of poetry or prose or a Scripture passage that is meaningful to you.

***remember that we are a peanut, tree-nut, and (warm) dairy free campus***
**** The kitchen will be off-limits due to renovations this week. There may be limited use of a microwave in the chapel building behind the building where we usually meet. If possible, bringing a lunch that dose not need to be warmed is recommended. Another idea is to bring food in a slow-cooker or rice-cooker that can keep food warm until lunchtime. Thanks for your flexibility as Seven Mile works to serve us and their community even better!
  • Students are to be seated in the lunch area until dismissed by a parent/parent-designated adult (not before 12:20).
  • A big thanks to the Diaz family who is serving as our recess monitor.



  • All students remaining on campus after lunch are asked to wash hands after eating (to avoid spreading any potential allergen).
  • Parents- please pack an allergy-friendly afternoon snack.
  • Children not in the Essentials class are to remain with the afternoon club leader (other than babies with their mommas)


We will be having an international day celebration on November 19th! This is a special time to learn and share about various national and cultural backgrounds, whether your own, or another that you appreciate. Everyone is invited to represent the country of your choice by dressing up and bringing a potluck dish to share at lunch. Please see the circulating sign-up sheet for more info!

The Gospel of Mark, Immediacy, and Reliance

Have you ever noticed that Mark's account of Christ's life and ministry is driven by the repeated phrase, "immediately"? His fast-paced narrative highlights the high-demand ministry that takes Jesus back and forth across the Sea of Galilee for most of the book, often with little physical nourishment or rest.

Do you ever feel that the demands of family, especially in the season of home-schooling, are leaving you frantic and spent? Christ knows what it means to be poured out for the sake of others, and shows us how to serve the Father wisely from the limitations of a human body.

With the Lord as our model, let us consider how we may seek our Father's glory in the midst of circumstances that threaten to overwhelm.

Keep our calling in focus.
There were times when Christ pulled away from the thronging crowds, not because He did not care for them, but because they wanted from Him more than He was called to give in that moment. They often just wanted his gifts (miracles, healing, material provision), but He had a message to preach (Mark 1:38). Though defined by compassion, He left some requests unanswered in obedience to His primary commission. Christ's focus on His calling challenges me to constantly evaluate how I spend my energy and attention and ask the Father to confirm those things that He has truly assigned for me.

Rely on our Source. We often find Jesus retreating in solitude to pray. How this cuts to my heart! I am much too often reliant on the direction of my to-do list (on one extreme), or whatever way seems the easiest means of survival that day (another extreme). Oh, to have the wisdom and humility to recognize that the only good to come from me is through Him, and regularly pursue His guidance and provision first in all things (Matthew 6:33)!

Boldly pursue the mercy of Christ. In Mark's narrative of Christ's earthly ministry, one recipient stands out. By chapter 10, Jesus is making His final journey into Jerusalem. We have already met the rich young ruler, who thought himself a worthy rule-keeper and was too attached to his earthly wealth to be give it up for Christ's sake. And we've been wearied with Jesus by some of his closest disciples who can't seem to give up the argument about who is going to be greatest in the kingdom. Then, we meet a blind beggar named Bartimaeus. He boldly calls Jesus by name to ask for what he knows he does not deserve. At once, he receives what only Christ can give and leaves all else to follow wherever his Master would lead. May God grant us the mercy to cling with such reliance to the Savior, faced with the immediacy of our own need-- in our hearts, in our lives, and in our homeschooling.
Michael Card Performs "The Paradigm" From the Biblical Imagination Series