Klee 'n Cees Pet sitting services!

Big paws, small paws, fins or claws love 'em all!

About Klee an Cee

We are two VERY trust worthy people who love working with animals, we are based in Frisco, Texas and oh, don't animals just love us! Klee's favorite animal is a dog while Cees is a cat! Klee and Cee are our nicknames, our real names are Kelly and Cate!

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Dogs: $15.00 a day

Cats: $15.00 a day

Rodents, Fish, Amphibians, birds and hermit crab: $5.00 a day

Contact us!

Don't hesitate to call us!

Klee: 214-282-9225

Cee: 972-333-6018

More Information you must know!

Here at Klee n' Cees we provide walks, leashes, and swims if you would like for your dog! Also just for 1 extra dollar we will give your dog a bath, and that one dollar will be donated to the ASPCA!