Change for Change

Help Jericho Middle School Donate Textbooks to El Salvador

Dear Jericho Community,

Recently, the Jericho Middle School’s English Department replaced our sixth grade literature textbook. Over the past few years, we have donated various supplies to our sister school, Centro Escolar Distrito Italia, in El Salvador. This year, Jericho Middle School asked if we could donate our used textbooks to the students in El Salvador, however, shipping so many books across the globe is an expensive endeavor.

To cover the shipping costs, Jericho Middle School students began grass-roots funding campaign based on the web-based charity, Change for Change, to ensure our donation finds its way into the hands of students.

Centro Escolar Distrito Italia

We thank you in advance for your support for this very worthy cause. The lessons the students will learn from giving of themselves to those who need help will be priceless.