Environmental Study Project

Leonela silva


Whether you're a long-time resident or you're planning on going to Orlando, the City is always looking for impresses ways to serve you better. Not only is Orlando a great place to visit, it's an even better place to live.it is were Disney is, its sunny, its has nice beaches


The total rainfall in Orlando,fl is 53.17 inches in this year.the rain in Florida affects the people by they cant go on walk or runs when they want to, they cant do stuff they want to do but some people just learned to live with it.

Natural Disasters

year date disaster

2005/10/24 Hurricane Wilma

2005/08/28 Hurricane Katrina

200507/10 Hurricane Dennis

2004/09/26 Hurricane Jeanne

2004/09/16 Hurricane Ivan

2004/09/04 Hurricane Frances

2004/08/13 Hurricane Charley and Tropical Storm Bonnie

these are the disasters that happened in florida

my map

i choose these places because this is where i go most often.when i am bored i go to these places an when i going some where these are the places i pick most of the time.


Florida is home to an amazing array of fish, wildlife, and the habitats in which they live and thrive. With over 700 terrestrial animals, more than 200 freshwater fish, more than 1,000 marine fish, numerous other aquatic and marine vertebrates, and many thousands of terrestrial insects and other invertebrates, Florida literally is teeming with wildlife.


culture around my community is all spanish people they understand allot of the stuff my family do its really hard to let people in our family because my mom is somewhere and my dad is dead its hard and i live with my sister with my grandmother. i dont talk to much spanish so its hard to talk with my family

Overall Reflection

they all go with my community because they all go with my culture and my community. it is where i go, my culture, wildlife in Orlando where i live, natural disaster is the disasters in Florida, weather is what is it in the past year, residents are the people that is in florida or in orlando



Orlando’s history dates back to 1838 and the height of the Seminole Wars. The U.S. Army built Fort Gatlin south of the present day Orlando City limits to protect settlers from attacks by Indians.By 1840, a small community had grown up around the Fort. It was known as Jernigan, named after the Jernigan family, who had established the first permanent settlement in the area. Jernigan had a post office, established May 30th, 1850.by then they changed the name fishily to orlanado