Nuclear Fusion- Press Release!

by: Sydney Crider


Hi guys, I am Sydney Crider. I am the scientist behind the new findings this lab provided. This report is a synopsis of our recent discoveries in the Nuclear Fusion lab. We hope you enjoy!


Nuclear Fusion can be dangerous in many ways, but there are many precautions that have come up that will help.

  • we only generate nuclear fusion in places that we know are safe and reliable, most are done in fields or in the desert.
  • workers have special gear and protection that they use.
  • nuclear fusion is really powerful and it could possibly get out of hand- so we use many graphs and scanners that tell us the severity of the fusion.

Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear Fusion is a nuclear reaction in which two atomic nuclei come very close then collide at a extremely high speed to from a new nucleus. They collide and that is how the energy is created! The sun is a prime example of nuclear fusion.

Nuclear Fusion differs from another form of nuclear energy, fission. Fission is the opposite. Fission is when the nucleus splits constantly which creates the energy needed.