Democratic Political Campaign

2 Billion Dollars to be Raised

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Where the Funds Come From

88% of our funds came from individual donors. Out of our 2 Billion dollar campaign, donors made up $1,760,000,000.

11% of our funds came from political action committees $220,000,000. They contributed funds to my campaign because my values best fit what they were trying to accomplish.

1% of my funds came from other sources such as interest groups and my own personal investments. Together that totaled $20,000,000.

Because of the Federal Campaign Finance Act of 1971, I am required to give full disclosure of my spending, and what organizations funded my campaign. The act also sets certain limits as to how much donors can contribute. In my campaign I did not use soft money because of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act. Although, because of my generous sponsors, I did not use any money allotted for political parties. Political Action Committees also played a big part in funding my campaign. PACS supported me because I best matched their interests.

Campaign Supporters

  • Microsoft
  • Dream works
  • Comcast
  • Lock-head Martin
  • Bank of America