Activity #2 psychology

By; Thomas and Dylan


1. The person learns that the product that is being shown is very masculine and pungent

2.A pro that a young person may have in being exposed to this is that it inspires daily use a deodorant to stay fresh

3. A Con is that young people will believe that you have to be this trim masculine person to talk or be attractive to women

4.In a way yes and no parents do teach ( at least my dad does) that no girl will like you if you stink. But they don't teach that you have to be this ripped man to get girls to like you

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TV show ad

1.This ad obviously shows that the show will be more sexual, and will probably target a much more adult audience

2.A pro is that maybe they may be inspired to be a doctor

3.A con is that they may believe that they need to look better to fit into society this could make them do plastic surgery, or another type of surgical procedure.

4.I believe parents definitely would want their kids to become doctors but not somebody who is shallow and wants their body to look fantastic through plastic surgery

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Film ads

1.A person might learn to be more violent when dealing with situations

2. A pro a person may have in seeing this is that they may want to become a policeman, or go into the military

3. A con is that they may be more prone to become violent.

4.If you've seen the movie it's a positive story because they are sheriffs and deputies who kill bandits and robbers but if you would have never seen the movie and just looked at the poster you may think it's bandits or thieves.

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magazine ad

1.A person looking at this may learn that chocolate makes them feel better if they are feeling bad this could lead to over eating and obesity

2. A pro is that this picture makes you feel good

3.Con it can make people unconsciously hungry when they are sad because they want to get the good feeling back this can lead to obesity

4.parents aren't trying to teach this they want you to eat healthy

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Book ad

1.A person may learn from the cover that the book will by scary and gory.

2.A younger person may learn more about sharks

3. A con could be that they could be afraid of being at the beach or near water because of the big SCARY SHARK

4.No Education is trying to teach that sharks are completely harmless