Detox Diets

By: Brittany Null

What is bad about Detox Diets?

Detox diets are extremely low-calorie, primarily liquid meals. Some, for example, advise users to consume only specially formulated drinks or raw foods, while others require cutting out carbs, sweets and proteins for a specified period—anywhere from a few days to an entire month.

What is the outcome?

Provides a variety of body cleansing diets designed to benefit a range of different health conditions and goals.

What second guesses this diet?

People were feeling less bloated; that's simply because they're eating less food. Those who testify to glowing skin are experiencing the benefits of improved hydration rather than detoxification. As for detox enthusiasts who report a reduction in headaches, chances are the improved cranial condition can be traced to decreased consumption of alcohol and caffeine.

How does a detoxing diet compare to a healthy normal meal?

These diets compare to the food pyramid in a very negative way because a person on the diet does not receive the proper amount of each food group or nutrients.

Why are people particularly vulnerable to promises and claims of this diet?

People are very gullible when they want to change their bodies and lose weight. Diets especially detox diets, they will sell you their slogan to try and get you to use the diet. Women and men will try anything that they think will work.

Is there any long term health concerns?

The biggest danger is nutrient insufficiency from protracted starvation. A person could severely hurt themselves by starving themselves.

Something Important To Know About Detoxing!

People should know that Detox diets are not healthy for long periods of time. Yes they are good if you are wanting to cleanse your body of bad toxins but to stay on this diet for a long period of time a person can starve themselves and hurt their bodies forever.