Here are some simple reminders of some very important stuff!

Please Note...

1. Students should log in to the course everyday with the expectation of spending 6-8 hours on schoolwork per day.

2. Students should use the course scheduler to determine what assignments are due daily.

3. Late work policy: 1 day late, 25% is deducted. 2 days, late, 50% is deducted. 3 days late, a permanent 0 is placed in the grade book.

4. Use your GaVS email account for all communication and be sure to check it daily. If you haven't set this up, please refer to your GaVS homepage on how to do this.

5. Discussions should be thoughtful and informative. You can even use the audio feature to respond if you would rather talk than write!

6. Please text me or email me next week as I will be out of the country and won't readily have access to my cell phone.