Final Project

By: Victoria Coward

Internet Privacy

Sharing online can come with advantages as well as disadvantages.

Advantages include keeping family and friends up to date with what is happening in your life, also it can connect you with people that you haven't seen in a long time.

Disadvantages are the risk of someone stalking you by your posts, also some posts could easily ruin a reputation and it will never go away.

3 pieces of personal information that should be kept private.

- Bank account information or financial status

- Complaints about your workplace

- When you are leaving for vacation - burglars are known to take advantage of this.

A negative online post or message can have bigger effects than you may think. It can ruin a reputation, colleges can decline acceptance into their school, and it can ruin a career.


Cyberbullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. An example would be posting a negative post about another person to purposely hurt them.

Cyberbullying typically escalates if the victim does not stand up for themselves.

A victim experiencing cyberbullying needs to tell a parent or another trusted adult and block the attackers.

In 2009, a 13 year old named Hope Whitsell took her own life because of a topless photo of her was being forwarded around the school. She was tormented by her classmates and she was being taunted by names. Even when she got home her classmates cyber bullied her. Eventually she couldn't take it anymore and she drastically took her own life because of it.

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Persuasive Advertisements

Both of the advertisements promote their product by using a picture of it somewhere on the ad.

The advertiser for Proactiv is trying to persuade viewers that because Katy Perry uses Proactiv, you should too,

The advertiser for Nike is trying to persuade their viewers that anyone can put on a pair of Nikes and do anything, even a baby.

The audience that the Proactiv advertisement is trying to target teens by using a popular celebrity.

The Nike ad is targeting the audience of those who are beginners to fitness.

Body Image and the Media.

It is unethical and inappropriate to manipulate a photo of a woman after she had a baby because it shows an unrealistic body image that many women will actually strive for.

The media has a mainly negative effect on genders that men are supposed to "man up" and women are supposed to "act like a lady". The men or women that don't act the way this way are generally tormented because they are not living the expectations.

Body Image Affected By Media

Violence in the Media.

1) When a child watches any type of media that contains violence and the show ends as a "happily ever after" the kid can begin to think that violence does not have lasting effects and that violent acts are okay.

2) I agree that violent video games teach kids to kill because the more that they continue to kill for fun on a video game, then the more the kid can think that killing people in real life can be even more fun.

Media Usage.

1) The hardest thing for me to give up would be my phone because I use it to communicate, and for entertainment. I have tried going without my phone for a week over the summer and I found that I enjoyed not having to constantly check every notification and I felt like I had more time for things because I wasn't spending time on my phone.

2) Teens feel pressured to act a certain way online to make themselves look better online than they really are. Girls that use Instagram or Twitter tend to post pictures of themselves that try to mostly get the attention from guys. Guys on the other hand are pressured to act tough and masculine either on Instagram and Twitter too. Most guys are pressured to workout more so they can take shirtless pictures to show off their abs, mainly to attract girls. Both guys and girls are pressured to be attractive to impress the opposite sex.