Melanie Adele "Cry Baby" Martinez


Melanie Martinez

She was born on April28,1995 (21 year old ) in Baldwin Long Island New York u.s

She's sings and she's a songwriter. She likes to play guitar .


electro pop - dark wave

About Melanie

In 2013 Melanie audition aditioned for the American Television vocal television talent show the voice . She was in Adams team later in Dicember 3 she got eliminated. Then she started to make her own music.

Melanie doesn't like to be interpreted when she's talking .

Melanie Martinez


In 2014 , Melanie she released Dollhouse ( Name of the album) . He ep featuring the single Dollhouse and Carousel . Her song Carousel was on the trailer of AHS ( American Horror Stories) Freak Show. She also has a song called Mad Hatter.

In 2015

Melanie released her canceptual debut album tittle Cry Baby featuring "Pitty party ", "Soap"

,Cry Baby . On December 23 she released her single called Gingerbread Man. Then she Starded her own tour cry baby

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