The Great Depression

Tyler Fisk

Important Information

  • The Great Depression was the worst economic downfall in US history
  • The Great Depression was caused by the crash of the stock-market.
  • The Great Depression started in 1929 and ended in 1939.
  • During that time unemployment rose to 25 percent.
  • The Great Depression ended in 1939 just when World War 2 started

Franklin D. Roosevelt

FDR was President for most of the Great Depression he served for 12 years and four terms. He was the only president tht served for more than 8 years. He helped the unemployed get people jobs during The Great Depression.

Important Dates

October 29, 1929-The Stock-Market crashes causing The Great Depression

March 4, 1933-President Franklin Roosevelt is elected for his first presidential term

1939-World War 2 starts ending The Gret Depression

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