5th Grade News

Soar Report Week of September 19

5th Grade News


APTT: Our first APTT meeting is tonight from 5-6. Please join us to learn more about what we do during our literacy block. We will be sharing information about your child's current reading level and how that correlates to their cold read assessments they take every Monday. We hope you will join us! PRIZES will be given to all students who come with the an adult.

CHROMEBOOKS: Students need to make sure they have their chromebook EVERYDAY for class. Students are also responsible for making sure their chromebook is charged. If students leave their Chromebooks at home we have notified them that they will be asked to leave their Chromebooks at school for one night following the return of the computer.

MIDTERMS went home last Wednesday. If you have any questions or concerns please let your child's teachers know. Also, please make sure you have signed and return the midterm back to your child's teacher.

Ruth Hill News

Monday, September 19 -School Council, 5-6

Tuesday, September 20 - FERST Foundation hat day and APTT, 5-6

Thursday, September 22 - FERST Foundation glasses day

Friday, September 23 -Grandparents Breakfast, 7:15-8:00 (4th/5th), Last day of FERST Foundation Coin Drive - FERST Foundation PJ Day

We are learning...

Comprehension Focus-Inferencing

Awareness Strategy- Aha

Responding to Literature- How to use ACE (Answer question, Cite evidence, Explain)

Grammar- Using commas

Spelling-Words ending in ous, ious, eous

Math- We will continue to review Multiplication, Division, exponents and order of operations. This week we continue DECIMALS- reading, ordering, and comparing them

Social Studies- Civil War Battles and Generals

Science- Plant and Animal Cells

Spelling Words

Students will have to be able to spell words and use the word correctly in a sentence.

Spelling List Week 7

-ous, -ious, and -eous: possessing or full of

  1. nervous

  2. courageous

  3. dangerous

  4. wondrous

  5. victorious

  6. mysterious

  7. melodious

  8. numerous

  9. courteous

  10. anxious

Science Vocabulary Words - VOCABULARY QUIZ ON WEDNESDAY- 9/21

Animal and plant Vocabulary

  1. exoskeleton- a hard, protective outer body covering of an invertebrate

  2. invertebrate- an animal that does not have a backbone

  3. insect- an arthropod that has 3 body segments and 6 legs

  4. cold-blooded- having a body temperature that changes according to the surroundings

  5. characteristics- how scientist classify animals

  6. vertebrate- an animal that has a backbone or internal skeleton

  7. warm-blooded- having a body temperature that stays about the same regardless of a temperature change in the environment

  8. metamorphosis- when an animal's body changes form

  9. Vascular plant- a plant with roots that has a tube like water transport

  10. Non vascular plants- a plant without roots and a tube like water transport

  11. angiosperm - a vascular plant that produces seeds from flowers

  12. gymnosperm - a vascular plant that produces seeds in a cone, not fruits or flowers

  13. Coniferous - a type of gymnosperm that does not loose it's leaves every

  14. Deciduous - Plants that shed their leaves every year

  15. Xylem - vascular tissue that transports water from the roots to the stem and leaves

  16. Phloem - vascular tissue that transports sugar form the leaves and plants to the roots.

  17. Cell Membrane - the structure in animal or plant cells that controls the movement of materials in and out of the cell. (like the doorman)

  18. Nucleus - the structure in the animal or plant cell that controls all of the other organelles and cell activity. (like the brain of the cell)

  19. Cytoplasm - The jelly-like liquid that the organelles inside the plant and animal cell are floating around.

  20. Vacuole - the part of an animal or plant cell that provides storage space for water and food (like a warehouse) - Animal cells have several small vacuoles and plants have one large vacuole

  21. Cell well - The part of a PLANT CELL that provides structure and support

  22. Chloroplasts - The place where photosynthesis takes place in some plant cells

  23. Mitochondria - The organelle responsible for producing energy

  24. Organelles -The structures or parts of a cell

Civil War Vocabulary- Quiz on 9/23

1. dwindling- becoming smaller and smaller in size or amount

2.strategist- someone good at planning in order to win a battle

3.surrender- to quit fighting and agree that you have lost

4.tactics- ways to get a particular task done

5. casualties-people killed or injured, often during a battle

6. My mother would not comply with my request for more candy after dinner.

7. During the Civil War, weaponry, such as guns and cannons became more advanced. 8. 8.The wedding ceremony commenced when all the guests had arrived.

9. Americans commemorate those who have died in wars on Memorial Day with parades.

10. The general ordered several assaults on the enemy in order to win the battle.


Math - C. 16-18 (multiplication), D.11-13 (Division), E 1-3 (exponents), o. 1-3 (order of operations), EE. 1-8 (Area and Perimeter) Decimals (G)

Science Cells (P 1-4)

Social Studies- H.1, H, 2 (Civil War)

Language- EE.1, EE. 2., EE. 3, EE. 4. EE.5 (commas)

Reading- ZZ.1, ZZ. 2 (main idea) FF.1 (Cause and Effect)

Upcoming Test

  • S.S.- Civil War Causes Quiz on Thursday (study guide is in binder and in the link above, review game is located in google classroom)
  • Spelling and Vocabulary Test on FRIDAY
  • S.S.- Civil War Voc. Test FRIDAY (study guide in is binder)
  • Math Assessment - Spiral Review - FRIDAY
  • Science - vocab quiz - Wednesday and Spiral Review with vocabulary - FRIDAY


Below are great websites students can get on using their Chromebooks to practice skills taught in class.