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May 7, 2021

Mark Your Calendars:

  • 5/7: 2pm Early Release
  • 5/14: 2pm Early Release
  • 5/19: 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony @8:45am
  • 5/20: Last Day of School! 12:05pm Dismissal Day


  • VIDEO BEING RECORDED DURING DROP OFF AND PICK UP: In an effort to continue the smooth process of pick up and drop off, we will be recording the flow of arrival and dismissal on TUESDAY, MAY 11th. If for any reason you'd prefer your car not be in the school video, please plan to arrive at the end of drop off or pick up since we will be recording the first 5 minutes. Thank you!
  • K-12 Visual Arts Curriculum Adoption: If you are a parent that is interested in participating in this process for DVUSD please email Mrs. Baumgartner at
  • MEET THE TEACHER EVENT IN AUGUST: We look forward to hosting an in-person meet the teacher event in August. Stay tuned throughout the summer for dates and details.

Best Wishes & Farewell...

Bobcats Community,

The end of the school year brings many emotions, especially as we prepare to wish some of our staff members farewell. Please join me in thanking the following staff members for all they've done to contribute to our community over the years. We wish them all the best with their next adventure....


I have been serving our Sonoran Foothills community for the past 5 years.

My next adventure is taking me to Flagstaff where I will teach at Sinagua Middle School. I will teach two sections of 6th grade math and 3 sections of 7th grade math.

When I look back on my time at Sonoran Foothills, I will remember how loved and cared for I always felt walking into work each day. I will miss your smiling faces and being with my work family. If you ever need a couch to sleep on for the weekend when you come up and play in the snow, my couch is all yours!


I have been here since opening day six years ago!

My next adventure is taking me into retirement, where I will be focusing on my family and hopefully having more grand babies soon!

As I look back, I will never forget how blessed I was to be a part of this school. To all of my students here at Sonoran Foothills, I will never forget you. You will always be a part of my journey and hold an extra special place in my heart. Keep making me proud long after I'm gone!


I have been serving our SF community for 1 year.

My next adventure is taking me to Spain where I will be teaching English at an elementary school in Madrid.

When I look back on my time at SF I will always remember the INCREDIBLE support I received from my teammates, other teachers, and administration. I will be forever grateful for all of the conversations and relationships I got to build with students and the growth I was able to see in so many during a year of such uncertainty.


I have been serving our SF community since it opened in 2015. I enjoyed building our school community from the beginning! It was a great experience being one of the "pioneers".

My next adventure is taking me to a higher level of learning experience where I will be working with high school students. I am looking forward to a new challenge and a fresh start!

When I look back on my time at SF I will always remember the wonderful people that I've had the pleasure of working with and gotten to know. I especially love my team and am sad to leave them.

All Things EQ (from the Founder, Danna Evans):

Our motto in school this week is:

I am someone people can count on.

This week's goal is for students to understand that having integrity means they are someone people can count on. In school, we explain that having integrity means doing the right thing all the time, even when no one is watching.

I think the book, The Empty Pot by Demi (There is no last name - it's a Cher thing) is a great book to share with your kids about integrity. Even if you have older children, consider reading it or simply summarize the story because it explains integrity perfectly. Below is a summary of the book from Publishers Weekly:

Ping is a boy with an emerald green thumb; he can make anything grow "as if by magic.'' One day the Emperor announces that he needs a successor, someone who can carry on after he is gone with the growing of the flowers. He gives each child one seed, and the one who grows the best flower will take over after him. Competition is fierce, and Ping is heartbroken that nothing comes up, despite his careful tending. On the day of the competition, he is the only child with an empty pot; all the others bring lush plants. But the Emperor has tricked everyone by distributing cooked seeds, unable to grow, and Ping, with his empty pot, is the only honest gardener--and the winner.

As we work together to build the skills our students need for future success, I think of this expression:

Integrity is choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain.

Developing integrity in our children isn't a one-time lesson because integrity is a choice we make repeatedly. What's nice is that when we help our children do the right thing, even just once and even if it goes against their own personal gain, they will forever have that moment for the rest of their lives to remind them that they are a person of integrity.

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