Language Arts Oct. 28th- Nov. 1st

Mrs. Hellinger

Our 3rd Unit- Reading for Details

In sixth grade Language Arts, we are currently working on our third unit, " Reading for Details." This unit focuses on being a good reader through questioning. It also focuses on paraphrasing and summarizing details to create an informational essay. Throughout this unit, we have focused on the topic of "wolves." So far we have examined photographs of wolves, wolves as they are portrayed in art, and a non fiction article on wolves. We will also read an excerpt from Jack London's novel, "The Call of the Wild," watch a video on the Cherokee's beliefs about wolves, and read a fable or folktale about wolves. During all of these examinations we are focusing on finding the small details that lead us to new questions and ideas.

A week in a glance

October 28th-November 1st

Monday- Students will complete their non-fiction article on wolves and learn about paraphrasing. Students will complete 5-1 activities or practice paraphrasing for homework.

Tuesday- Today we will be viewing a video on the Cherokee Indians called "Two Wolves." Students will complete 10 VIPs (very important points) about the video. For homework students will be working on writing a summary of what they learned in their video.

Wednesday- Students will learn about proof reading and will practice proofreading each others paragraphs. We will also have a grammar mini lesson about using their, they're, or there, and "a or an." For homework students will practice editing with a grammar packet.

Thursday- For our Fall Celebration students will be learning about foreshadowing and suspense and doing a Reader's Theatre parody of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell Tale Heart," titled " Penelope Anne's Tell Tale Cellphone." Homework: None!

Friday- Today is a half day!!