Saxton Awards 4.3.22

Rainbow and Values Awards


Rainbow Awards:

Noah Bosomworth - for super listening in lessons

Athena Buckley - for a brilliant character description of her chosen book day character costume, Zigby the zebra and for making super props.

Rupert Venables - for persevering with fractions and making great progress through the week.


Values Awards (Community):

Rory Watson - For being such a good friend to the children in our class and across our school.

Rainbow Awards:

Marley Hirst, Alex Southern, Heidi Verlander-Bedford and Rory Watson - for managing to do every piece of their homework this week! What a great way to start the week, well done to you!


Values Award (Respect):

George Wilton - for showing great respect to all members of staff and a wonderful attitude in every lesson.