Stopping Domestic Violence

By Kylie Burke


~One in every 4 women in the US will experience domestic violence in their life

~There are 4 types of domestic violence: Physical, Emotional, Sexual, and Threats.

~Domestic victimization is correlated with a higher rate of depression and suicidal behavior

~Only 34% of people who are injured by intimate partners receive medical care for their injuries

~Women ages 18 to 34 are at greatest risk of becoming victims of domestic violence

~ The Bible verse Ephesians 5:22: "Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord." has been used to justify domestic violence

~ The Bible verse “Husbands, love your wives, and do not be harsh with them.” (Col 3:19) has been used to condemn domestic violence

~ Roman Catholic Bishops in 2002- “We state as clearly and strongly as we can that violence against women, inside or outside the home, is never justified … We emphasize that no person is expected to stay in an abusive marriage … Violence and abuse, not divorce, break up a marriage.”

Ads Against Domestic Violence

Advocacy In Church

It might be awkward for pastors to speak openly about domestic violence in church, but it must be done. The church is the unspoken moral backbone of the nation, and they are in a great position to change peoples minds about domestic violence. Please follow this link to find your local catholic bishop:

The link above will give you the name and contact info of your bishop. Then just simply copy and paste the following into an email to them:

Dear Father ______,

I am writing in hopes that you will speak openly and condemn domestic violence in your church. It has been shown that biblical verses have been used to justify domestic violence and the best way to combat it is through speaking about it in church. I realize this can often be hard for a pastor to speak about in church, not knowing who might be a victim, but even if one person was helped or saved from an abusive relationship, it would all be worth it in the end.

Thank you,


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Domestic Violence Stories

D: "I look in the eyes of my baby girl and know that she watched every bit. It helped to be able to see the truth." See full story at:

Kaz: "I began to believe that it was my fault and felt like I was in this rollercoaster that I couldn’t get off. " See full story at:

Lena: "I married an abusive man who had a severe drinking problem." See full story at:

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Listen: 60 (NO MORE's Official Super Bowl 49 Ad)
NFL Players Say NO MORE :60

Ads By The NFL

After recently coming under fire, the NFL launched a series of ad campaigns done by NFL players and coaches, condemning domestic violence. They showed excuses that people had normally used to cover up or justify domestic violence, and saying that it will no longer be an excuse and that people must now speak up for domestic violence victims.