February at Head Library

Love, Lincoln, Washington, and Other Things!

Are You an Innovator??? Check out these ideas!

Flipped Learning -- a flipped classroom is where teachers assign the instructional part of the lesson as a video for homework. The students then come to class and complete the exercises.

Project Based Learning -- hopefully we all know what this is. Here is a useful website:


Play and Gaming -- check out this website with ideas for incorporating games into your lessons:


Some of My Favorite Websites

PBS Learning Media - chock full of short videos and lesson plans

Share My Lesson -- requires a free membership

Internet4Classrooms - a variety of useful resources

Battle of the Books

I will be having an informational meeting soon for those students interested in participating in this contest. We have all of the books available for checkout in the library.

I Am At Your Service

I would love to help out with enrichment activities, lesson supplements, etc. to enhance your curriculum. I will be presenting some concrete ideas at the next faculty meeting. Stay tuned!