Energy Transfers

By: Ali Edgington

Thermal Energy

Thermal energy is total potential energy. Heat and thermal energy are not the same thing, Heat is energy transferred between substances. The amount of heat transfers depends on the amount of atoms and molecules. Thermal Energy is energy that comes from heat. Particles move faster at higher temperatures and slower at slower temperatures. Thermal energy is energy released as heat during the burning of a substance. Thermal energy is related to the temperature of an object. Conductors such as metals allow energy to move easily through them. Thermal energy is part of the total energy of an object. You cant have thermal energy without having some sort of heat source. Thermal energy is hard to convert into other types of energy unlike other types of energy.

Sound Energy

Sound travels through a solid much faster than it travels through air. The speed of sound is 767 miles per hour. Sound is measured in decibels. There is no sound in space because their is no object for sound to travel through. Because sound produces such a low level of energy it can not be used to make electricity. The measurement of sound energy is related to its pressure and intensity. We can here different sounds because when vibrations enter our ears it vibrates the ear.

Chemical Energy

Plants use chemical energy for photosynthesis. Chemical energy is used to make electricity. Cooking is an example of chemical energy. We have to use chemical energy to preform daily tasks. Chemical energy is used when your body breaks down food.There are six basic types of chemical reactions: combustion, synthesis, single displacement, decomposition, double displacement, and acid-base.When two simple substances combine to make a more complex substance during a chemical reaction it is called synthesis.

Nuclear Energy

There are about 430 different nuclear power plants in the whole world. Radiation and nuclear power make medicines that are used to treat many different diseases. Fourteen percent of the worlds energy comes from nuclear power. A nuclear winter is a hypothetical situation in which the sunlight would be blocked from the earth causing extremely cold weather if too many nuclear weapons are used.The nuclear accident which occurred in 1979 took 14 years to clean up.Uranium is a rare earth metal that is commonly used for nuclear energy production.Scientists who study the interactions of atoms' nuclei are called nuclear physicists.

Light Energy

Light travels at a speed of 300,000 km/s. Light is made of tiny photons which contains lots of energy. Space is very dark because light is only visible when it has an object of which it bounces off of. Light is always moving therefor it can not be stored. Plants use light for photosynthesis.The sunlight that we see here on Earth actually left the Sun 10 minutes before.The speed of light changes when traveling through different objects.The reason we see different colors of light is because each color has a different wavelength.

Electrical Energy

Lightning is electrical energy. Electrical energy is the most common type of energy, in order for electrical energy to be utilized it must go through a conductor. It is not renewable or nonrenewable. Static electricity is when the electrons from one object to another.Electrical energy is considered a secondary energy source because it has to come from another form of energy.Electrical energy is the most widely used form of energy.The two types of electrical charge in electrical energy are positive and negative.Most of the time, electrical energy is viewed as power or the rate at which energy flows.