Ancient Egypt Transportation

Bobby Lowery

Thesis statement

Egyptians had lot to do with the change of transportation and highly Influenced the change of modern transportation.


The ancient Egyptians were the first to use the wheel and cart for transportation. They also used boats. To propel the boats through the water, they used long poles and sails. Ancient Egyptians were the first to use steering wheels in boats. When they had to take the boat across the land, they would place the boat on a wheeled cart and push it to easily move it.

Boats would made with wood and a plant called papyrus.


Like the ancient Egyptians, we use boats. However, ours are propelled by gas-powered motors, not by long poles and sails. Instead of a cart with wheels, we use boat trailers and pull it with motorized vehicles.

Today boats are made with a lightweight material called fiberglass, and ships are made out of steel.


In the future they will probably instead of using gas Air propelled engines and be completely made out of carbon fiber


Boats were really popular in ancient Egyptian time because of the nile rive was a natural highway