Juan Peron


Biographical Profile

Juan Peron, a great powerful leader and smart man ruled the country of Argentina for ten years. Peron reshaped the economy of Argentina and gave the people new opportunities to live better lives. Peron created Peronism and it can be described as a third position ideology, as it rejects the extremes of capitalism and communism. Many People were scared of him and his ruthless leader characteristics made people . He was elected two times but not back to back because he had been kicked out and then years following been brought back into power. Throughout his years in power he was a ruthless leader and was horrible to the people. Many political leaders saw him as a threat and wanted to get rid of Peron. Peron extracted people if they had different opinions about him or went against him. He went to military school before he ruled and his characteristics came with I'm when he became president. He trained as an officer, excelling in sports including fencing, skiing and boxing. Peron served as an attaché to Chile and traveled to Italy to observe the development of the Fascist state in 1938-1940. In 1955 Peron was lead into exile by a confederation of military leaders. He then fled to Paraguay . He then died in 1974 and was known for reshaping the economy of Argentina and being a ruthless leader when he had to be.

Journal Entry

Dear Journal,

Today I have read in the papers that people are starting to go against my ways. Why would they? I have helped them out so much by reshaping this whole economy. They need to show me some respect. I am the face of Argentina and without me they would have kept going down hill. I understand people are dying but I am doing my best to stop that. My goal since I have gotten hear is to make this country powerful and strong. Now I must start to eliminate the people who are going against me because I will not let them interfere with the goals I am trying to reach. I must go now and fix these things. This country in my hands will become great and I know it will.

Sincerely Juan Peron

Juan Peron che bella storia - Istentales

Ruthless and Strong

This video demonstrates the ruthless leadership by Juan Peron. He would help Argentina strengthen there economy and if the people did not want to agree we would get rid of them. Many people loved how he helped reshape Argentina.This shows how the people lived there lives and how they improved thanks to Juan Peron.

Essential Question

Although Juan Peron could be seen as a ruthless leader, he reshaped Argentina and strengthened it in ways no one else could and is one of the greatest leaders there was,