By: Bennett Atkins


Bump boom bang bump bump! Hey, why is the ground shaking? It's the wildebeest migration! Did you know that the wildebeest migration is one of the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth? Herds of wildebeest stampede at 50 mph! Some locals say that the stampedes shake the ground! If you think that's cool, read this report to learn about the amazing wildebeest!

Appearance & Classification

The wildebeest is 5 to 8 feet from head to tail and range from 4 ft 2 inches to 4 ft 10 inches at the shoulder. That's about the length of a minivan! They weigh 300 to 600 lbs. Wow that's pretty gigantic! Wildebeest have a black stripe that runs from their black main to their beard. The rest of their body is grey or brown fur. They have a large head, skinny legs, and two large curved horns. They're head and chest makes them look bigger. The wildebeest are really a species of antelope. Whoa, I didn't see that coming! Wildebeest, like all other antelopes are mammals. I wouldn't want to meet a wildebeest face to face, would you?

Habitat Information

The wildebeest lives in on the savanna of southern Africa but mainly the Serengeti of Tanzania and Kenya. They live in the grasslands and woodlands. They live where its very hot and dry so there are thunder storms. Wildebeest adapted to this by being able to sense thunderstorms from 30 miles away. That's insane!

Predator & Prey

Wildebeest are eaten by most African big cats and dogs and are eaten by crocodiles too. Humans hunt them for sport. Wildebeest are a primary food source.But watch out predators, they protect themselves by traveling in large groups and stampeding. They've killed leopards and many other animals. Way to protect yourselves wildebeest! They travel with zebras which predators are more likely to go after. They eat grasses but prefer shorter and more moist grasses. That means they are herbivors.

Fascinating facts

*Farmers don't like wildebeest because they blame them for spreading parasites to their cattle

*Towns and fences sometimes block the wildebeest migration

*If a wildebeest is alone, it gores its enemies

*Wildebeest travel over 1,000 miles in its migration

*The purpose of the wildebeest migration to follow the rain to get better grass

*Wildebeest are a main source of food on the savanah


Wow! Are you looking at wildebeest differently now? I sure am! The wildebeest are amazing animals. They move in giant herds,eat with birds on their backs,sleep in rows , and mate by fighting. If you had to wright a report on an animal, would you choose wildebeest.