Girls Club

Ages 4 - 9 yrs


Welcome to Girls Club!

We are inviting all girls ages 4 - 9 years to create simple beaded jewelry. We provide all the supplies, but all we need are some active fingers! Your host is Reham Zia. Please follow the agenda below and take a look at what we are going to make and how long the class will be.


Day 1: Simple Bead-bracelet making Class Duration: 1 Hour

Day 2: Easy bright earrings Class Duration: 1 Hour

Day 3: Fun beaded necklace Class Duration: 1 Hour

How each lesson will work

Firstly, I will guide them all slowly on what we are going to make. They will then follow each step and I will help them through this process. Once done, and if there is still time left, they can go on and make another themselves.

Payment Information

Since we provide you with the supplies - Payment is 25 dhs per class. You can pay in two ways:

  1. If you do not know you are going to make it for all 3 classes, bring payment for that specific class.
  2. If you are planning to make it for all 3 classes, please bring the entire payment with you all on the first day.

What your girls will accomplish

By the end of Day 3, your girls will know how to create easy bead jewelry. Every girl will receive a certificate of acknowledgment as well :)