Earth Day 2015

Every year we celebrate Earth Day on April 22. Find out here how it all got started...

Just A Dream by Chris Van Allsburg

Just a Dream

Answer these questions after listening to the story Just A Dream.

Before Walter had his dream, what did he imagine the future would be like?

How did Walter's feelings about planting a tree change from the beginning of the story to the end?

Why should be plant trees? How are they helpful to our planet?

Why were the fisherman celebrating when all they caught was one little fish?

What actions can we take now so that our future doesn't turn out like Walter's first dream?

Find out more...

Let's do some celebrating!

Choose between the activities below to help us celebrate and remember how important it is to take care of our earth!

  • Use EARTH to create an acrostic poem on your Chromebook
  • Create a colored poster of one endangered animal and give 3 facts about that animal and what is being done to help it
  • Create a poster supporting Earth Day
  • Create a colored poster of the world and present 3 ideas of how to help preserve the earth
  • Write a letter to a friend to persuade them to recycle
  • Make a list of ways you can conserve energy at home and make a journal recording it
  • Make a book that shows what will happen if we do not recycle
  • Create a sequel to the book Just A Dream
  • Write an article about when and why earth day began

Choose from one of the crafts below to create with the supplies found in our classroom and recycle