Barclay Bulletin

October 12, 2021

Masking Updates

We have had contact tracing in Barclay School this year because of students who tested positive for COVID and were in school prior to the symptoms developing. In the event I have to contact trace a student, I have to ask if people within a 6 foot distance of the COVID positive case were exposed. An exposure happens when a person within that six foot distance of the COVID positive case has been unmasked for more than 15 minutes (indoors). Unmasked is considered when the mask is not covering the mouth and nose completely. For me to report in contact tracing that there has been no exposure, I have to be confident that students consistently wear their masks over their noses.

Teachers are continually reminding students to cover their noses if they see it happening in their classrooms. We do this because we don't want students to have to quarantine for 10 days because of an exposure. Teachers may not always call you at home to tell you that they are reminding your child about their mask wearing, they are trying to manage those reminders within the room. If you have questions about how well your child wears their mask, feel free to reach out to their teacher. I also encourage you to reinforce the importance of wearing their masks correctly at school.

I only pass this reminder along because I don't want to have to call you to tell you your child will be quarantined due to a possible exposure to COVID. The more we can keep mask wearing consistent, the better our chances are for keeping students out of a quarantine.

Time to Smell the Flowers

I'm posting this picture because I came across a sunflower field on my way home yesterday and I was struck by the beautiful weather and how at another time in the year people would have been standing in the sunflowers and taking pictures to post to social media. I was having a fantastic day (thanks to dual victories from the Bills and Red Sox) and I thought it would be fun to stop and take a picture.

With everything happening in our daily lives, it's sometimes hard to stay positive when nothing is going as you planned. Try to find those moments of happiness; times when you can celebrate the little things. If you want to capture that moment and send it my way, I would love to see the happiness spread. You can reach me at

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