Easter Break

Have a good holiday!

Golden Cowbell Award

The library has now successfully finished the tour through
all Middle School classes with our current reading program.

If you have not had the time to see our Web-site of the Golden Cowbell Award, please feel free to do so now: http://librarymediacentre.weebly.com

It looks like the students are having a couple of favourite books already (with long waiting lists at the library).

Please see top 3 titles in each of the two categories below:

Middle Readers Books - Top 3 so far

Older Readers Books - Top 3 so far

Storytelling Unit

Storytelling at the Primary School

Mrs Elaine Greaves celebrated the end of her storytelling unit with 5D. She went over to the Primary School with her class to present their stories to class 3 Primary students.
Each student prepared a story and preps to catch the attention of the young listeners. The stories ranged from adapted short stories to fractured fairy tales. The critical audience enjoyed their story time and gave constructive feedback.

Antarctica project - Year 6

Antarctica project presentation 6B

6B displayed their Antarctica folders in class. This marks the end of a long journey of research, writing and editing. Some exceptional artwork can be found among them, which will serve as a lifelong memory for our students.


Term Break

Our students are certainly ready to go on their Easter Break.

Hopefully with a couple of good books in their bags!

The weather is just terrific this year and ideal for all sorts of plans...

Save travel for those of you who are going away as well as take good care for the ones who are staying in the Geneva region.

Happy Holidays,

Akram, Antonella, Ines, Soazig