alcohol damage

by Tom


well alcohol is a drug and is a poision that can kill you. alchol has a big risk to teenagers as there brain is develpoing. beacuse this is happing it is bad if the alchol gets to the brain. when you drink alchol it goes threw your blood stream into your brain. when it is there it damages the hippocampus and that is your memory so when it gets dameged it is really really bad.


the effects of alcohol are very serious and can lead to death. the effects are heart diese that has terrible pain. there is also cancer that can lead to death and stomach problems and liver damage. there are also other effects like being out of control and killing people not only yourself but other people. these effects can lead to death aginising pain and much much more. so whatd od you think the age of drinking should be because alcohol is killing innicent people and making them kill people.