Roman Empire

Weekly newspaper By: Cindy Castro

Come Visit Europe's Highest mountains

The Alps. They extend to almost 8 COUNTRIES.They go through France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria and Slovenia. You can follow a trail that would show you some parts of the mountains. They have beautiful scenery. Covered with white snow.


We the Plebeians are wanting more control of the government.We are tired of working for the Patricians. They should do more work, than just trying to control all of us plebeians.We would like to get paid more and to lower the taxes.

Vote for Nerva

Vote for Nerva for Assemblies

Hope that the magistrates will choose me, because I will make good decisions. Ill try to pass the right laws.I will reject all the bad laws.I will have a good reason when we have to go war.

Julius Caesar Obituary

On March 15, 44 BC Gaius Julius caesar dies. He was killed by his very own senators.They were at a meeting next to the pompey. When Julius was young his family was far from rich.When he was 16 his father died and remained close to his mother. Later on he traveled through places.While he was traveling he was kidnapped by pirates. He convinced his captors to raise his ransom.He organized a naval force to attack them.

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interview with Germanicus Might Be Changing the Taxes!

Today we interviewed Germanicus about the Pax Romana time period.

Reporter: Thank you Germanicus for taking your time and letting us ask you some questions.

Ger:Thank you.

Reporter: Do you like now that everything has been peace?

Ger: Yes,it has been very interesting to see how everyone is liking it.

Reporter: Good,have you thought of any building projects?

Ger: Yes, I have been thinking to build some more temples.

Reporter:Great, have you thought any thing new to do?

Ger: I've been thinking a lot about changing the taxes.

Reporter: Good,i think everyone would really appreciate that.

Ger:Yea, I think they would.

Reporter:Well,that is all the questions we have.

Ger:thank you.


Their is more than 400,000 km of new roads. All of the roads are made of layers,some of the layers are made of broken stone mixed with cement and sand, crushed rocks, and gravel in cement. They will make traveling easier and shorter.

Finish Aqueducts

Come see the aqueducts! They will bring fresh water to those cities and towns who can't get a reach of water. They can be used for for drinking , crops, and collecting rainwater. They are made out of limestone and beautiful to see.
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A Trip to Spain

Take a few days off and take a trip to Spain. Go and see some of their amazing art. Come and experience a different culture and meet different people.All new different temples and buildings,


As you have heard people have been abusing christians.They have making fun of us for believing in God. Some have even been killed because of our faith. All of us christians want to stand up to all those people.The only people who should be made fun is the people who don't believe.The people who don't realize how much he has done for us.

Barbarian tribes

As we heard the Huns and the visigoths were fighting. They have been fighting, attacking each other. The Huns have always been defeating the Visigoths.Some Visigoths were captured by the Huns.Huns have always been great horseman. We haven't seen the end of this war yet.But, it will not end fair.