Team Leader Meeting

Sept. 15, 2014

3,6 and 9 week assessments

Three and six week grades are optional for gradebook. If students display all parts of problem solving, you can add points for that. Teachers should be watching students take all district tests so they can gather information on students (ex. mistakes, strategies, etc...) Nine week tests must entered as a grade in gradebook.

Morning Tutoring

3rd and 4th will start Sept. 30. We will transition at 8:15 a.m. and 8:50 a.m. Music will come on to announce transition. We will do math for 3 weeks and then switch to ELAR. PE, ART and MUSIC will work on application of math skills. Please make sure your plans are in the folders on time because they will refer to these to assist them plan. Start grouping your students into the following: Numeracy/Fluency, Problem Solving, Vocabulary and Concepts.

Reading and Math Blocks

As a campus we will be transitioning to a uniform ELAR block. Please refer to handouts. Guided math will also be coming down the road. More information to come. The new math problem solving strategy must be used in all classrooms.

Parent Contacts

Please make sure you are making positive phone calls to parents. Every 2 weeks I will email random teachers so I can ask for names to make phone calls as well. If a teacher is a concerned about a student ALREADY, the parent needs to be contacted NOW. The parent must know the concern, how it will be addressed and how they can help at home. Please keep documentation of all contacts. After 3 unsuccessful attempts to get ahold of a parent, please see me or Mrs. Amaro so we can schedule a visit if needed.

Field Trips

Make sure a permission slip is filled out for EVERY trip. Team Leaders must meet with Nurse Lindsey for training. Any teacher needing to order sack lunches must go to GPISD website (food service page) and order lunches 2 weeks prior to.

9 Week Recognitions

Evening? By grade level? Tie it to a session- parent involvement?

Next Team Leader Meeting

October 6

Be ready to discuss goals for school improvement process.

Family Nights


Chess Club - 2 mornings a week (ask teams for volunteers , need 2-3 per morning)

Writing / Newspaper Club - Select 3rd and 4th Graders (Lead: Williams)


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