is it a waste of time?


Fiction is a type of literature that tells short stories or novels on fake events,fiction has been around for millions of years it started with the cave peoples stories.some people prefer nice facts instead of fiction because when people get older they don't have time to Believe in falseness.

Although,reading fiction is good for you for many reasons.

this is not fiction its real

It gives you the ultement escape

  • It cures your loneliness and moodiness. States English graduate
  • it helps you forget reality .says an English graduate
  • Fiction helps you get away from your problems. Confirms an English graduate.

This is how you escape through books

It gives you active relaxation

    • ¨your mind translates words to mental pictures.¨says an English graduate
    • your mind is engaged in an exciting plot wile reading.states an English graduate
    • you're lost in time.a English graduate points out.

    It helps you enjoy freetime

    • Books are really portable.English graduate confirms

    • it is less likely to be stolen says ¨dumb little man¨

    • ¨Being able to lose yourself in a story can make anything bearable even in the worst of times.¨English researcher says.