Dealing With Copyrighted Material

Not knowing about it can cost you $$$$$

Explanation of copyright and the works to which it applies.

Did you know that copyright gives creators of original works some say about who gets to use their material. Protected pieces of work include but is not limited to the following:

- Literary Works

- Music

- Dance

- Movies

- Video Games

It really applies to all PUBLISHED work!!

But Wait There Is More....

Just because it is published does not mean you can not use it in a class assignment. This is possible because of FAIR USE. What is fair use? GREAT Question!!!

To claim fair use there are 4 things to consider:

1 - The purpose - Are you using it to make money, or for educational purposes? Using copyrighted material for educational purposes is ok under fair use, but not for monetary gain.

2. - Nature of work. Are you using published or unpublished work?

3. - Portion of the work. Are you using all of it or just a piece of it. Using the whole work is usually not ok, but using a small part is ok.

4- Effect on Market -- Will your use of the work keep the author or artist from getting paid.

You may be asking yourself, "What is Transformativeness?"

This is claiming fair use by taking copyrighted material and "transforming" it from its original intent. There are four questions one must ask themselves if they are claiming fair use through this:

1 - Does the new work add value?

2 - Has the new work been repurposed?

3- Has the new work created a new audience?

4- Is there a new meaning to the original product?

If you answered "YES" then you can claim fair use!!

So you want to use graphics in your presentation....Choose Creative Commons

Don't want to risk being involved in a copyright crisis? Then choose Creative Commons. Here you do not need to ask permission to use something since it already has been given. You just need to make sure you are practicing best practices in attribution when using anything from Creative Commons.

How do you this? Another great question! You just need to make sure you include the following information.





Take a look at this picture of the happy couple below to see how to complete attribution for a picture from Flickr. You might ask yourself, "Why are they dancing?" Well the answer is they just successfully completed their copyright course!!!

Big image

Title -- Dance at the street.

Author - Vladimir Pustovit

Source -- Photo -- Link to Source

License -- CC By 2.0 -- Link to license