A look into the Jewish Religion

Bar Mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah means "Son of the commandment" and is a ritual marking the Jewish coming of age. This Jewish rite occurs on a boy's thirteenth birthday and lasts all day long.
Bar Mitzvah celebrates the Jewish coming of age and signifies when the child is to take on the religious responsibilities of an adult. During this celebration, the boy is a participant for the first time. He preforms tasks such as reading from the Torah. At this point, it is that boys responsibility to observe the detailed practices of daily Jewish Life.
This rite is the first time that a Jewish individual learns to appreciate God to the full extent and to realize all that he has done for them. Once he accepts the responsibilities of an adult, he accepts and worships God, which shows that he is an active part of the culture.

Death and Mourning

Death and morning is a huge part of Judaism. In their faith, death is the ultimate transition, and causes challenges for the families and communities of the deceased.
When someone dies there are several stages. In total, the ritual lasts until the one year anniversary of the person's death. The first stage lasts from death until the person is buried (preferably on the same day that they died). The second stage begins after the death and burial and lasts for seven days. During that time the Kaddish (a prayer of mourning) is recited. The third stage lasts for thirty days, post-burial. Social gatherings and celebrations are avoided. If the persons who died is a parent, a fourth stage occurs. This one lasts until the anniversary of the persons death. On that day, the mourners recite the Kaddish again.
Notice how thoroughly Judaism deals with death, or any rite. Judaism is a religion of correct practice.