Jodee Blanco

Activist against bullying


The book starts with Jodee going to elementary school and being bullied. Then Jodee's parents transfer her to a different school, where she is popular until she ruins a party. Then she is bullied again and hears her parents talking about sending her to a psychiatrist, Dr. Graff tells her she needs to come to terms with her bullies. After she doesn't make any progress she is put on pills. She starts high school but her friends from middle school tell everyone about her and starts it already being bullied. Then her parents take her on a vacation to Santorini, where she makes some friends and can just enjoy herself. She returns to high school and for the first time is positive, however when she returns people start making fun of her deformed breasts which cause her to be depressed again. One day she meets a group of people who are feared by Jodee's bullies but are actually very nice people and end up being her friends too. Then Jodee is accepted into a workshop at Eastern Illinois, University, where she meets people who are outcasts like her. Jodee gets permission to have her breast implant surgery and does get the procedure to fix her deformed breasts. She goes to prom and graduates from high school but when she is getting her year book signed, a boy,Tyler, writes "We Hate You" and Jodee runs out of the high school. Then years later Jodee goes to her high school reunion.