Giant News

November 2018


Every month if your students are at school 95% of the month, meaning that they only miss
only 1 day and have 2 or less tardies) you will be entered into a drawing for a family prize. The prize for this month was a $50 VISA Gift Card. We are SUPER excited to announce that Janisha Cole was this month's winner. A GIANT thank you for making sure your kids are at school on time everyday!


November 8th- Skating Party 5:30-7:30

November 21, 22, 23- NO SCHOOL- Thanksgiving Break

November 29- Science Night 5:30-7:00

Colder Weather

The weather is turning colder. Please make sure that your students are dressed in warm clothes and wear coats to school. We will be going outside for recess if the temperature is 32 degrees or warmer. We believe that it is important to allow students the opportunity to move and burn some energy everyday.

Delays or Closing Information

If there is a 2 hour delay or school closing, please check our website or Facebook. You should also receive a phone call or text message. Please make sure that we have updated phone numbers, so that we are able to get the information to you as quickly as possible.

Check out our staff at Fall Fest! We hope you all had a great time!

Christmas Program

Our Christmas program this year will be on December 13, 2018

Kindergarten: 8:30

First Grade: 9:30

Second Grade: 10:30

Fourth Grade: 11:30

Third Grade: 1:00