Top 12 Online Rules

Rules you should follow to be safe online


1. Every account that you have should have its own unique password.

2. Never include personal information in a password.

3. Passwords should be a good mix of capital and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.


4. Don't use rude language or All Caps in an email.

5. Use the "you" attitude in emails to keep a good tone.

6. Make sure to proofread your email so you can avoid mistakes, like spelling errors.

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Terminology and Viruses

10. Know and understand computer terms

11. Be careful of spam emails or messages from unknown people. These may contain harmful viruses that could destroy your computer's files.

12. If your computer has a virus, contact other people you know that may have gotten the virus as well and clean out your computer. If the virus has done a lot of damage, have your computer checked by an expert.

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