Final Review Exam

Joanne Ho

How Can You Prepare For A Interview?

Tips and Tricks:

-Always remember to keep eye contact with the person you are speaking to.

-Dress appropriately. Business Casual is what to wear.

-Be friendly.

-Don't come off as arrogant or rude.

-Be polite and courteous.

What have you learned about minimum wage?

I've learned that minimum wage is the lowest amount that someone can be paid per hour for working legally. Each state has it's own personal set amount for minimum wage, some places have higher amounts than others.

What items are found on a resume?

-Your past experiences

-Your different types of skills

-Your personal information (Name, address)

-Your accomplishments

-Your level of education

Gross Pay VS. Net Pay


Gross Pay is the amount prior to tax withholding.

Net Pay is the amount after the tax has been withheld.

What are some ways people can use a computer in an efficient way?


They can use web tools that make assignment quicker.

*There is PowerPoint, google slides, Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, and Google Docs!

They can learn how to properly use the keyboard, making assignments faster.