Global Warming

By: Mason Beims


Mason Beims



Global Warming

Global Warming is a trending debate all over the world. The argument is that people are the ones causing it, but I believe otherwise. Many say that human beings are destroying the planet with things such as: vehicles, nuclear plants, and etc. I am writing this paper because global warming is a huge topic and there is a lot of information on the topic to write about.

Since global warming is such a trending topic there is a high quantity of material to use to write a paper. If one were to search the internet they could find a multitude of data to find out more on global warming. Therefore making it quite an ease to find info to write about when it is time for me to write the actual paper. I am a person looking for the easiest and most effective way to accomplish a task. A subject as popular as global warming is right up my alley.

Another reason I want to write a paper on this topic is to maybe set a view for someone on the truth (my bias opinion on this subject) really is. All the hippies seem to believe that the human race is the cause of the “end of the world.” But I believe that the world is doing it to itself. They say that the world is always changing, and I believe that to be true. No one knows why it happens, but it just does. Natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes are a prime example. So who is to say that things are happening because it’s just Mother Nature taking its course.

Poem #1

And we must save it today.Burning hot temperatures
More gases in our air
Over flowing Mother Nature
Does anyone really care?
The Earth will need a fan or two
When the time comes near.
Are we out of control with our oil spills
I think that we must fear.
The factories not listening to what we have to say
We must save our Earth

Poem #2

Global Warming is all a hoax

They say the world is burning like toast

People are tearing it apart

I believe that the hippies aren’t that smart

You see the world is changing on its own

So here’s some advice I have to loan

Let’s stop worrying about the ice caps

Sit back and take a relapse

For the are bigger problems in the world

Like solving world hunger

Or the economy taking a huge plunder

This Global Warming is for the birds

It’s so stupid I cant even describe it in English Words

Global Warming Paper

Mason Beims

Mrs. Grubbs

English IV College Track

5 December 2014

Global Warming

Are we actually experiencing any effects of Global Warming? Actually none at all, the Earth is cooling and warming all the time. There is no doubt that we have hit some record highs in temperature in the last couple of years, but we have also hit some record lows. Scientists believed that "global cooling" was the problem at first, and now they have changed their minds into believing that global warming is the problem now. People believe that Arctic Ice is a major problem due to global warming, but according to scientists we are up 50% of Arctic Ice build up since 2012. They say that the global climate was steadily decreasing for a thousand years, and then suddenly took a drastic ascend to the top. But according to "Friends of Science" that is just one of the many myths people are making up about global warming. There is no doubt that carbon dioxide levels have increased since the beginning of the industrial revolution, but there is no solid evidence that it is a cause of global warming.

Facts all around that global warming is not caused by man. There might be such thing as global warming, but it is do to the sun with its alternate heat radiation. There are so many different possibilities that could be causing the temperature to be changing like it does, such as when the sun hits the ocean water it causes it to release Carbon dioxide into the air. People say that carbon dioxide is bad for the planet, but it is elementary that the world could not survive without it. Plants use CO2 to live, just as humans need oxygen to live. If man-made global warming was true it would have increased more than Earth's surface temperature but also its atmospheric temperature also. There is still no sign of that happening. Most what is so called "proof" of man-made global warming is made up of hypothesized temperatures and ridiculous charts created by hippies and tree huggers.

Many predictions have been made to prove that global warming is real and is happening all around. Predictions like Al gore predicting all of the Arctic ice to have melted away by 2013.Arctic Ice actually took a different route and increased major. As time goes on more and more predictions have been "surprisingly" proved wrong such as Al Gore's. A ratio of 31:1 scientists have signed a petition saying that there is merely no such thing as global warming (Hawkins 1), and it’s just a hoax set up by the hippies trying to save "Mother Earth." More and more well educated scientists are joining the boat as well, believing that it is an impossible theory.

Some skeptics say that the placement of weather stations in urban areas can alter accurate weather measurements. Urban areas tend to have climate a bit different do to so much activity happening in certain areas. Concrete barriers tend to trap heat in its limits, therefore putting out false information about weather. By placing a weather station in an urban area, it can pick up the difference of what the temperature really is. Skeptics also believe that there are other factors causing problems as well, such as the sun, clouds, gases, glaciers and others that are unknown. Computers create models that predict what will happen in the near future if people keep causing global warming, but they are a guess that most climatologists will deny. With the technology that is in place today, we can barely predict weather in a week. How can it predict what the climate will be like in over 100 years.

If the Earth is supposedly getting warmer, then how come it is not in the southern hemisphere, only the northern hemisphere is getting warmer? "Global warming was supposed to actually be global not hemispheric" says Tom Harris Executive Director of the NRSP, hence the name Global (5). The annual temperature actually dropped between the years 1998 to 2007, causing predictions of increase in temperature to be totally inaccurate (5).

Studies show that in time ice that has been frozen for years has actually been letting off heat that releases carbon dioxide into the air, causing global temperatures to rise. This research has thus let humans off the hook for being the cause of global warming. Many believe that humans are not actually the cause anyway. In fact, the Earth is undergoing changes on its own. This causes skeptics to believe that scientists are blaming humans for these changes, trying to cover up the fact that they have very little proof in the first place.

Phil Jones of the University of East Anglia agrees that since the planet was cooling from 1940-75 and the upswing in temperature only lasted for twenty-two years, taking a pause for seventeen years is a big deal (Hawkins 1). Since the climate did take a pause in such an industrialized era leads to a great factor that there is not much difference that humans are making in this world. If it were to be on a steady climb then suspicion might have aroused. But there was no sign of any change what so ever. How can there be any global warning if in fact there is none taking place?

Taking a journey through all of the information provided, it is clear to see that there are many other reasons why the global climate is changing other than it being do to human activity. Scientists have many ways of gathering information to blame the fact that the Earth is changing because humans are not careful enough. They are saying that the global climate change is merely a punishment to humans for not being more careful. But as research shows, it more than likely the fact that scientists are gathering information in the wrong way, or that they have very little to use. Thus causing them to blame humans for global warming when, in fact, the Earth is simply taking a course of Mother Nature.

Persuasive Essay

Mason Beims

Mrs. Grubbs

English IV College Track

5 December 2014

Global Warming

Climate has changed and it always will. There is no doubt that each year there is a different climate pattern. Many say that it is due to global warming, but we all know that it is a hoax. If it were true then by now the whole world would be under water from all of the ice caps melting. The truth I have found in all of my research is that global warming was a legend made up that cannot be proven in many ways.

There has been changes in weather over the years that has been quite mysterious like the cool climate from 1945-77. Scientists believed that it was “global cooling” causing it to be like that. But as we can see cool weather is not really a problem for us anymore. We have had some cool days in the previous years but nothing compared to 30 years ago when it snowed in Florida. In fact the weather has taken a plateau, meaning that it has leveled off over the past 17 years.

Looking at this year’s weather one will notice that it was very hot in the summer, as usual, but nothing to the extreme. But the winter has been a little different than normal. It has been pouring down rain in November, which is not very normal. It is just simply the weather taking its course and being very random. Global warming is not to blame for this, it’s just a matter of Mother Nature doing what it does.

It is true that humans have made a change on the earth, but there is an explanation for that. Cities being built and highways being paved can produce higher amounts of heat and change the climate in urban areas. Because of these things the hotter areas cause people to believe that humans are destroying the earth with the industrial industry putting out carbon dioxide and other gases destroying the atmosphere, thus leading to destruction of earth.

Climate change has everything to do with the weather being the way that it is. Global warming is just something that is blamed on humans when they are clearly not the answer. It’s been proven that there are many other factors taking place that keeps the climate on its toes causing it to change.

Climate Scientists Argue Against Man-made Global Warming
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Mason Beims

Mrs. Grubbs

English IV College Track

11 November 2014


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