Athlete and Sports Competitor

By Will Rodman


In order to be a professional athlete you have to be good at the sport that you play. You have to have lots of knowledge about that sport. You have to be willing to travel many place and not see your family a lot. You have to be able to go along with a lot of bad things people will do to you and sometimes it would be hard to concentrate. You have to be willing to trust your teammates and coaches to make yourself a successful athlete. But most of all you have to work hard.


What is the Salary Range? (National, Texas) Texas : $89,880 National : $47,340

Job Outlook

This job outlook is projected to grow 7% from 2012 to 2022. That is slower than average for most occupations. The way this will grow will depend on how the population grows and the public interest of pro sports.

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2 Best colleges

I think that 2 of the best colleges for sports are University of Texas and University of Oklahoma. I chose these to colleges because they have a big rivalry in sports. Every year when they play a football game it is played at the state fair.