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Young Georgia White girl Murdered!

13 year, Mary Phagan, was horribly killed in the National Pencil Factory on April 26, 1913 at a unknown time. The Man who murdered this young girl is currently unknown. Five different suspects are being held for questioning. Leo Frank is the prime suspect of this case. Who is the one who murdered this poor little girl?

Outcome of the Mary Phagan Trial

Leo Frank is convicted guilty of the crime!

After many testimonies against Leo Frank, the young Jewish man is found guilty of the murder and is sentenced to life in prison. There is many judgement on if he is truly guilty at all.


Come get a fresh bottle today!
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The Woolworth Building opens and is now the "Tallest Building in the World".

I wouldn't look down if I were you!
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William Sulzer approves charter for Rockefeller Foundation.

The Rockefeller Foundation begins its operations with a $100,000,000 donation from John D. Rockefeller.
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United States Soccer Federation is formed.

The federation has been formed to govern amateur and professional soccer leagues.
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Igor Sikorksy becomes the first person to fly a four engine fixed winged aircraft

He is flying with the birds!

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