Church Fire in Windrixville

Greasers help save the day!

Two young men are in the hospital today after dramatically rescuing a group of kindergarten children from a burning church in Windrixville, Oklahoma.

The fire began late yesterday afternoon and continued throughout the night, eventually being put out around 9 o’clock that evening.

The fire department has been led to believe that a piece of glass was the cause of the blaze. Apparently, it was left in the direct path of the sunlight.

As Ponyboy Curtis, 14, and Johnny Cade, 16, rushed into the burning church searching for the children, the embers from the church roof fell on them. They had entered the church through a window to rescue several children still trapped in the burning building. The children passed through one of the church's windows, and were safely placed outside the church. They all left the scene unharmed.

Curtis and Cade, however, did not leave the scene unscathed. Curtis was knocked out, bruised, and has several burns to his body. Cade has a broken back, severe burns, and is in the hospital in critical condition.

Dally Winston, a friend of the two, went in the burning church and saved Cade. As result, he himself, was also injured.

Just a week ago, Johnathan Cade and Ponyboy Curtis were being investigated upon by the police in connection with the death of an eighteen year old boy in Tulsa. Today the same boys have become national heroes. "They jumped in there, saved my children, and the children of my friends," said Alana, a witness of the blaze.

Nevertheless because of their age they will soon have to appear in a juvenile court, charged with running away from home.