Okanagan Explosion

BY:Ryan Horn

`History of Orchardists in the Okanagan

Machinery was introduced to the fruit industry in 1921. In 1907 W.J Wilcox of Salmon Arm planted three quarters of an acre of a variety of grapes. Since the 1880s the fruit business has grown and developed over the years.


The Okanagan valley has perfect sites for orchards because of the good soil and drainage. The climate in the Okanagan was perfect for growing crops. The Okanagan valley has always been one of the best fruit suppliers in Canada. Since we have the perfect climate and lots of orchards we can grow lots of fruits and vegetables.

Role of the Brigade trail

The Okanagan brigade trail started from Kelowna B.C down to Portland Oregon in the united States. They used the brigade trail for traveling to other orchards across the okanagan valley.

Early history of Giovanni Casorso

Charles casorso a son of Giovanni Casorso arrived from Italy in 1883 and worked as a agriculture specialist. The Casorso family house is still in Kelowna B.C and they are still running the farm that they used to run before. They owned 320 acres of land and is the oldest house in downtown Kelowna. Giovanni Casorso came to Kelowna too work for the Missionaries and later on brought his wholefamily down to Kelowna in 1884.

Reasons for settlement

Giovanni Casorso move to Kelowna B.C to work for the Missionaries then brought his family down from Italy in 1884. By the 1930s they were raising livestock and selling it through a chain of retail stores in British Columbia.

Accomplishments in the Okanagan valley

They had held 320 acres and is the oldest family home in Kelowna B.C. The house is still operated by some of the original members of the Casorso family. 120 years after Giovanni Casorso died they family is still running the house and they are still running the farm in downtown Kelowna.


People from the Casorso family still live in the house that is in downtown Kelowna and is still keeping the family farm going. It is still the oldest house in Kelowna and has now been standing for 105 years.

Driving Question

The impact Giovanni Casorso had on the growth and the development was that he owned a whole bunch of orchards and land . He had planted a whole bunch of crops like fruit and vegetables so they could eat those instead of buying all new things. He lived in a house that is now the oldest house in Kelowna. He owned 320 acres of land and most of that land was his orchards where they used to grow crops.

Interesting facts

1: The Casorso house is still in Kelowna and some of the original family members still live their and its the oldest house in Kelowna.

2: Giovanni Casorso was Mr. Casorsos great Grandfather.

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This is a picture of Giovanni Casorso. He was a farmer and moved to Kelowna from Italy in 1884. He used to live in the oldest house in Kelowna until he died. Now family members are living their and the farm is still up and running
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This is a picture of the land that Giovanni Casorso owned back in the day.
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this is a picture that the Casorso family owns today.