By: Alissa Lee


"you hurt him!" it was Kelly

than a third voice came in. "I thought you were just going to shake him up a bit," Kyle said. I shook him up, all right. It felt really good."

"He needs help," Kelly said.

"He'll be fine,"Vernon said. "I hardly touched him."

"yeah. He's got a hard head. It's all stuffed with words.Let's

go," Kyle said.

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this is for caring a persons hands around a heart


she came by me and wispired "I'm sorry"
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this picture is because when people see this sign the are aware to STOP


I sat down, Kelly glanced over and whispered "I'm sorry" "forget it. you didn't know"bi glanced passed her at Julia, wondering how much Kelly had told her.
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this picture is empthy a girl is up set and the friend is comporting her


"you hurt him" Kelly said
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these people are involed a selfless act


she looked over her and winked.
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this little girl is winking because in the text evidence I said that Kelly was winking