Criminals on the move

King Arthur's land packed with criminals

Closing the gates

Criminals from all over the country are coming to king Arthur's land, hoping to see his queen and get a quest instead of being judged for what they did.

After the word got out that the queen spared a knights life by just giving him a question to answer within a year people started moving and within a couple of weeks every criminal in the country was at her front door.

The queen claimed she had never meant for this to get out and does not intent to help any of these people.

When the criminals kept coming to their castle the king and queen decided to close their gates and stay inside until the problem is solved.

The criminals point of view.

"We are not leaving!"

The thieves and murderers outside of the palace are not planning to leave.

"I traveled all the way from king Henry's land, a 2 week journey, to find out they are not going to help me," one of them said. "I was sentenced to death for a crime I did not commit and when I heard about the queen sparing a mans life I knew I was destined to go here."

The criminals are still hoping for good news and are not afraid of what might happen to them since they're already at the point where they have nothing to lose.