Carly Nelson. Period 4. 1-13-15


Helmets are something that all people should use. Helmets were invented in 1896, and they were there to help people everywhere protect the brain. The brain is a crucial body part that keeps the body alive. Helmets have reduced the amount of injury done to the brain. Whether you are on your motorcycle or just causal ridding your bike you should always wear your helmet to protect you from a possible serious head injury that will have an undetermined amount of recovery time.

Political Impact

Not too long ago there was a political argument over whether helmets were required or not. Others suggested that kids have to, but adults don't. Certain states were for or against this and eventually Texas said helmets are not mandatory but recommended at the age of 21. Just remember safety first.

Social Impact

Even though helmets are not the cutest accessory, it does protect you. Plus if everyone wears one, it wont be weird and considered lame. Safety is not lame, it keeps you alive, don't risk it.

Economic Impact

Say after you get into a crash and due to your helmet not being on you have serious head trauma, you go to the hospital and get fixed up, and you wake up to find you are swarmed in medical bills. Your initial thought how am I ever going to pay for this, then you think if I had my helmet on I wouldn't even have had to come to the hospital. Darn, bet you wish you wore your helmet, so save yourself thousands of bills and put that helmet on.
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